s w e a t w o r k H T X

In late 2018, I co-founded Sweatwork HTX with my partner, Chichi – Houston’s networking & consulting company for fitness professionals. We work with hundreds of Houston’s finest studio/gym owners and managers, fitness instructors & trainers, and fitness entrepreneurs, providing services and resources to help them thrive in the industry. Since the COVID-19 breakout, we have taken our services virtually, and are now expanding our services outside of the Houston area – which has been a HUGE goal of ours since the inception of SHTX.

It’s been amazing to watch our company organically grow since the beginning. What began as an idea to get like-minded people together to promote community over competition has led us to meet so many amazing people and has given us life-changing opportunities, as we expand our services to fit the needs of the industry.

One of my favorite parts of Sweatwork HTX is our industry “sweatwerks” where fitness professionals gather to sweat it out together. We’ve expanded our events to “fitness junkies” as well, and have some fun events planned once the city gets back up and running. Til then….virtual is the new normal!