p u r p o s e

Hi there! Did you click on this page to learn about me? I’m flattered and thankful, but let’s talk about you. Yeah…you! How are you feeling about yourself right now? In fact, right before you clicked on this page, what story were you telling yourself? And that story…do you believe it?

Here’s what I believe: the road to self discovery is never ending. We constantly search for fulfillment and empowerment and often find ourselves looking outside for answers, rather than simply asking ourselves questions instead.

Fulfillment and empowerment look different on everyone. I hope that you find my advice to be helpful on your search for self discovery…because I can tell you this:

It’s so easy to spend so much of our energy trying to live in the world of “shoulds.” “I’m 30 years old, I should be at this point…” “I’m married to a guy who makes this much money, living in a mansion, driving this car, I should be happy…” “I’ve made it this far in my career doing this, I should stick to the plan…”

Screw the plan. Don’t stick with the plan. Stick with yourself. YOU define you. Nothing else.

If any of this speaks to you, I need you to believe that – that YOU define you – and I encourage you to explore this blog, as it’s been genuinely created to help you discover who you are.

Discover your purpose.

Discover what’s already been written for you.