Avoid A Zombie Apocalypse

“Wow, you’re so busy!” That’s something I hear often from people - they catch my Instagram, see my teaching schedule, or we’ve just exchanged what’s going on in our lives. Take yesterday - I woke up at 5AM, taught four workout classes, engaged in a very productive three hour business meeting, and attended an amazing … Continue reading Avoid A Zombie Apocalypse

Athleisure Me, Please!

In addition to my normal Tuesday Fulfillment pieces, I am going to be adding in a little flair here there about health, fitness - and just about anything! Last week, I asked y’all what you want to read and I got some amazing responses - stay tuned as they roll out! Today’s Lifestyle topic: What … Continue reading Athleisure Me, Please!

Grow Into Your Dreams

I was flying back to Houston after a week long visit to Pittsburgh to see family and friends. I hadn’t been home since the beginning of the year, and what a year it had been. I spent the first few months of 2019 really focusing on myself, and not what society expected of me. I … Continue reading Grow Into Your Dreams

The Hug Theory: The Power of Expectation

The final sounds of the last song begin to fade, and endorphins sky-rocket as heart rates slowly taper. We step down off of our bikes and prepare to stretch. At the end of every SoulCycle class, we plant both feet on the ground and find that forward fold. We rise up as a pack, scooping … Continue reading The Hug Theory: The Power of Expectation

Take The Risk

Hey y'all - your response last week was touching and heart-warming - thank you! I don’t know about you, but it felt good relate to one another and know that we’re in this together. So here we go…(grab that notebook.) Last week, we decided that we deserve better than a “Shouldy Life,” right? We committed … Continue reading Take The Risk

The World of “Shoulds”

Hey y’all! Thank you for tuning in - I am so excited about my first post! I hope to offer you some enlightenment on your journey towards feeling fulfilled to the greatest capacity on a daily basis as I offer raw takeaways from my life experiences. So let’s go! Grab a spare notebook, slap the … Continue reading The World of “Shoulds”