Feed The Good Wolf

So here we are. COVID-19 has struck 2020 with a global pandemic. Counts of the virus rise daily, hospitals have overflowed, and people are not allowed to leave their houses. Some have lost their incomes, businesses, or jobs and everyone has lost their old norms. It’s now Day 17 of quarantine (…or is it? I’ve lost count…) and it’s just been extended another thirty days. We really don’t have a clear end in sight and can’t do anything about it. Or can we….

This strange moment in time reminds me of one of my favorite stories that resonated with me and has stayed with me for years. (I shared this story virtually via my IGTV feed – so check that out if you prefer that version of storytelling.)

One evening, an elderly Cherokee grandfather sat down to tell his grandson about a battle that goes on inside people. He said, “There is a battle between two wolves inside us all. One is an evil wolf, filled with anger, envy, jealousy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority, and ego.

The other is a good wolf. That wolf is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion, and faith. And every day, the two wolves fight – every single day the battle between the good wolf and the evil wolf persists.”

The grandson thought about this for a minute then looked to his grandfather filled with concern and asked, “Tell me! I need to know right now. Which wolf wins?”

The old Cherokee looked down to his grandson and simply replied, “The one you feed.”

The one you feed.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve caught myself feeding the Bad Wolf more than I would like to admit – especially as of late. I think we can agree that it’s easier to feed the Bad Wolf. Take COVID. We can choose to go to the store, hoard all of the groceries and toilet paper (I just know we are going to look back in time and face-palm about that one). We can choose to drown in worry and self-pity about the economy and our jobs, or resent not being able to finish the school year in the normal setting, or be angry that we can’t go to our normal social establishments. We can feel guilty about not doing every at-home workout video posted or feel sorry that we aren’t being as productive as we think we should be.

It’s exhausting to exert that kind of energy on things we cannot change. There’s a slippery slope between coming to terms with a new reality and being consumed with Bad Wolf feelings that result in falling down a rabbit hole of misery, finding it very difficult to remove yourself. 

We cannot change what has already been done. We could dwell on the decisions that were made or weren’t made – or we can shift our energy to the Good Wolf.

We can appreciate our health. We can appreciate the comradery we have with each other, as we are all in this together. We can act with compassion and lend our neighbor a roll of toilet paper. We can continue with hope, and trust that for every unforeseen problem is an unforeseen solution. We can appreciate the innovation and creativity that challenge us as we establish a new normal. We have to encompass our humanness and let go of control – it is not our job to always understand, but to trust. We can use this time to love people – I personally have been loving all of the extra time to call and FaceTime friends I haven’t talked to in years!

Due to businesses temporarily closing down, I currently do not have the ability to work. I was stricken with the initial worry of how I’m going to pay my bills and continue living. I was jealous of paychecks others still had and I felt sorry for myself. Honestly, I was filled with a moment of panic. The Bad Wolf was barking loudly. But I chose to take a deep breath and trust God on this one. I shifted my energy from lack and fear to appreciation. I appreciate my health – and my family’s health! I appreciate that my situation will be temporary. I appreciate that I get to focus on what “I haven’t had time for” in the last few years.

The other morning, I sat on the balcony with my dog and enjoyed my coffee. It was an absolutely beautiful day. Had I been caught up in the normal grind and hustle, I would have missed that. We are complex beings – and we often overcomplicate things. Subconsciously, we can even want things to be difficult and drive from the need to overcome. Let’s just take a breath and allow ourselves to slow down. Back to basics. Back to simple. Simple can be so beautiful – let’s not miss it. 

Feed the Good Wolf. I promise it will make the struggle more bearable at the very least. Shift your energy from focusing on the bad and try to find the light. If you can’t see any light yet, shift your energy into imagining all possibilities for the light to come through. Focus on how you will feel when the light actually does come. When we shift our energy into feeding the Good Wolf, we open ourselves up to receiving endless unforeseen solutions.

How do we do this? Begin by analyzing your time and your actions to see which wolf you are feeding. If you catch yourself feeding the Bad Wolf, see what small actions you can take to shift your energy into feeding the Good Wolf.

Consumed by reading the reports and news and feeling worried and hopeless? (Bad Wolf.) Stay informed, but if you find yourself worrying, maybe take a small break from the media, and just focus on how you can contribute to the solution – practice safe social distancing and stay home as much as you can. Meditate, pray, or find comfort in talking to people who will lift you up and not fuel your fears. (Good Wolf.)

Sitting around bored with nothing to do, waiting for this to be over? (Bad Wolf.) Call an old friend, organize something, watch Tiger King so all of the memes make sense, or play more with a pet. (Good Wolf.) Get creative! One thing on my list: mail hand-written cards to people!

Missing your old workout spots and snacking in defiance? (Bad Wolf – but can we talk about the snack battle, y’all? It’s so real.) Did you know that your body will acclimate to your normal workout routine and you won’t get the same benefits as when you started? Use this as an opportunity to shock your body and try something new. There are so many local workouts being live-streamed right now! Worried about looking stupid?….in your living room…by yourself. (I’m just going to leave that there.) This is the perfect time to try new things! If you are missing the social aspect, FaceTime or Zoom your workout friends and do it together. Bonus: If you love the social part about working out, think of how many cool new people you will meet after this is all over when you check out the new spot you live-streamed! (Good Wolf.)

Realize where you are placing your energy. Shift your energy. Control your energy. It is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. When I began to practice catching myself feeding the Bad Wolf and shifting my energy into feeding the Good Wolf, I was amazed to see the chain reaction. It was hard at first, y’all! And it still is – some days, it’s really hard to feed the Good Wolf. But amazing things happen when we do. I promise you that.

When did you recently catch yourself feeding the Bad Wolf? How did it make you feel in the end?

How can you shift your energy into feeding the Good Wolf if this happens again?

What’s one thing you haven’t made time for that is important to you that you have time to start now? What’s stopping you?

Think of a situation in your past that was a very difficult moment for you, where you saw no answers, had no outlet, no light at the end of the tunnel. What did you do? How did you come out of it and get to this stronger version of yourself today?

We got this, y’all. We will overcome this. Feed the Good Wolf now and take this mindset into the future when we come out of the stronger and more united than ever.

How To Turn An Idea Into A Reality

I was leaving my Lagree studio and heading to meet my business partner, Chichi, for our normal weekly Monday meeting dedicated to our start-up company, which provides networking and consulting services to fitness professionals. 

Instead of jumping into “meeting mode”, we decided to get pho for lunch. So I picked her up and off we went. Perhaps it was the mindset we were finally in – perhaps it was the synergistic energy that had been building. Or maybe, it was just knowing that a bowl full of carbs were on the way. But she hopped into my car and our ideas just began to soar.

2020 Vision & Goals in January

“You know what would be really cool? If we did a Vision & Goals Workshop for a big group of people.” That’s how it started. I can’t remember the exact flow, but it went something like this:

“We can pair it with a yoga flow.” “Ooh, we should do it around the beginning of the year so it can be a great start to 2020 for everyone.” “We should offer this to fitness junkies too!”

What started as an idea on the drive randomly to get pho for lunch on a Monday ended up turning into our next huge event two months later – 2020 Vision & Goals – a workshop for the Houston fitness community at a beautiful yoga studio, with support from national brands like sweetgreen, SoulCycle, and Barry’s. Just like that, our idea became a reality. 

Do you have any ideas that you want to make a reality but are a little lost on where to start? Perhaps you’re wondering, “But how exactly does this happen – just like that?” Grab a notebook and let’s break it down.

Note: I’m fresh off of listening to Gabby Bernstein’s Super Attractor on Audible – a highly-recommended book about manifesting and attracting the life you want. It really spoke to me. I actually started writing this post in December and never finished it. Being a firm believer in timing, I know that this post was meant to include some of Gabby’s wisdom from her book, so if any of this speaks to you, definitely pick up Super Attractor to expand on all of these thoughts.

How To Turn An Idea Into A Reality

Step 1: Allow yourself to believe in the idea. (Even if you feel like you have no idea what you’re doing.) If you have an idea in mind, write it down. Now look at that idea on paper – do you actually believe you are able to do it? (Note: I didn’t ask you anything in regards to how you are going to do it.) Do you believe you can do it? If so, write down: I believe I can [write in your idea.]

Brutal truth: Sometimes you won’t believe you can do it. Your mind will trick you into thinking you can’t do something, when really, your mind just can’t fully envision how you are going to do it. There is a huge difference between the two – don’t let your mind fool you. It’s okay to not know all of the answers – actually, that is a very good thing! It means your idea is BIG and is going to get you out of your comfort zone. Accept that you don’t know all of the answers, but trust yourself enough to allow the idea to stay in the forefront of your mind.

Final thought: Whatever “it” is, it typically works better if you actually think you can do it.

Step 2: Keep thinking about your idea. All of the time. By thinking about your idea constantly, the Law of Attraction will pull people into your life who can help you, inspire you, and guide you – even if neither of you know it. Surround yourself with these people – even just by surrounding yourself with like-minded people who believe in you will begin to change the way you see things. You’ll find yourself in conversation and “randomly” coming up with small solutions and ways to progress your idea, even if you weren’t even talking directly about it. This is actually not so random. This is a mindset change. With this mindset change will come more answers on how to make your idea come to life.

Brutal Truth: This means that some people in your life gotta go. Maybe temporarily. Maybe forever. But the people who aren’t cheering you on will not help your idea turn into a reality. The people who are sucking the life out of you gotta go. The people who are small-minded and drama seekers gotta go. This might be hard for you – I know it was hard for me. When I began to focus on growing my dreams, I started to realize I was exerting a lot of energy on toxic relationships. I lost a lot of relationships (some expected and some not) when I started to shift my mindset and habits towards the bigger picture of what I wanted.

If you find yourself in a place where you can’t fully cut the person out (ex: your boss, a friend in your close-knit circle), you can begin to limit your interaction with them (in a polite manner.) Step away from conversations and activities that you know aren’t going to move you forward. Try to limit your emotional responses to small-minded triggers and tell yourself it’s temporary. Use that energy to shift your thoughts – that energy is powerful, and can actually fuel your mind to think more about your idea, especially if the idea will allow you to leave that toxic place or person behind.

Final Thought: Grab your notebook. Are there any people you might need to give a little space? Write them down. Begin there. In addition, write down the names of people who you believe are like-minded and have your best interest at heart. If you can’t think of anyone, don’t worry! Again, just trust that they are on their way. Write down places you think you might find them or qualities in people that will help guide you – gravitate towards them.

Step 3: Embrace faith, not fear. You have to trust yourself. You have to allow yourself to be an amateur (“I don’t know WTF am I doing” thoughts are completely normal – trust.), give yourself grace when things don’t go as planned, and evolve your idea as you evolve yourself. I recently met a fellow entrepreneur who offered solid advice, when I didn’t even ask for it. (You’ll find this will happen time and time again if you surround yourself with like-minded forward thinkers.) He said, “Don’t fall in love with the product, fall in love with the process.” This mindset will help you to embrace changes as they come and will open you up to allow your idea to be even bigger than you initially imagined.

Brutal Truth: Sometimes you are going to feel stuck. You’ll feel as though you are in a forever waiting period where nothing is happening. You won’t see how you will overcome a problem and you will begin to talk yourself out of what you really want. (Again, this is why a close network of support is so important!) Do not let fearing the unknown take over. Instead of thinking, “I don’t know how I will figure this out,” shift your thoughts into a positive mindset of faith and trust in the process. “Wow, this idea is going to be bigger than I imagined, and I trust that the right people and right situations will help guide me to an even bigger version of my idea!”

My parter, Chichi, and at our event in January, likely laughing because we never saw this coming!

Our start-up company I mentioned before? That actually started as an idea for one event to bring fitness professionals together for one workout to network. One workout! That was it. We started surrounding ourselves with like-minded people who kept urging us to do more. Our idea has changed and re-structured so many times, and there were many times we could have felt stuck viewing our set-backs as failures. Instead, we continued to seek new opportunities and see our idea as evolving – and you know what? It continues to grow into something bigger and bigger.

Final Thought: You will always find what you search for. If you look for a way to talk yourself out of an idea, you will find that answer. If you look for people who will keep you small and safe, you will find them. But imagine this: If you search for people to help you figure it out, you will find them. If you search for solutions to your problems, you will find them. If you search for a way to make your dream come alive, you will find it.

Are you looking for the right things?

Below are some thoughts from people who inspire me on How To Turn An Idea Into A Reality:

“The most important step when turning an idea into a reality is actually taking steps each day. They don’t have to be huge steps, but all steps count. It can be really scary, but ask friends (especially entrepreneur friends) where to start.” Megan Eddings, Founder + CEO, Accel Lifestyle

“Vision- Trust your instincts; Consistency- take feedback but don’t compromise; Advocacy- Enlist experts to become advocates.” Bruce Franklin, Director of TOM FORD BEAUTY Education North America

“The moment you make any effort to express your ideas, you begin to make it a reality. Thoughts are spoken, words attract action, action creates tangible results.” Jaz Porter, Yoga Instructor + Entrepreneur, Co-Creator of Yoga Evolution TV

“Write it down on paper and look at it everyday until it happens.” Karen Maxwell, Senior Master Instructor, CYCLEBAR + Creator, Kinisi Performance CBD

“Take that idea and really break down what it means. Poke holes in it and flush it out!” Alicia Tillman, Yoga Instructor + Entrepreneur, Awkward Yoga Girl

I Got The Juice!

No, for real, I got the juice! Six juices from Revolucion Juice + Coffee are sitting in my refrigerator awaiting my three-day juice cleanse, beginning bright and early tomorrow morning! I’ve done this a few times before, but I am so excited to announce that I have a crew of fitness junkies all doing it with me this time – shoutout to my squad! Y’all are going to kill it, and I believe in every single one of you!

I got the juice!

A little over a year ago, I unsuccessfully attempted my first juice cleanse. I had no idea what I was doing, and I was only doing it to fit into a dress after not being so diligent the weeks leading up to an event. I lasted half a day. So basically, I made a juice for breakfast and called it quits. I didn’t have a proper motive, and I certainly didn’t have proper education. Let me help you with both.

What exactly is a juice cleanse? It’s a designated period of time where you only consume juice – absolutely no food at all. There’s many different options – something from as short as a one-day juice cleanse to as long as a two-week juice cleanse, with the most popular options being three, five, and seven day cleanses.

Why would anyone want to consume nothing but juice for multiple days in a row, you ask? Perhaps you’re finding yourself constantly craving junk food, having trouble sleeping, or feeling a little foggy in the head or tired all the time. A juice cleanse can help! You can immediately fuel your body with the proper nutrition due to quick absorption, detoxify your body, and give your digestion system a chance to heal and repair. The list of benefits goes on and on – read more about them here!

For me, personally, I use it as a reset button. I am super sensitive to inflammatory foods – gluten, dairy, and sugar – and the last six weeks of the holidays have completely wrecked my body, as I fell off the wagon and indulged heavily. I’ve committed to not feel guilty for this, and am taking joy in the amazing memories I made over the last few months – I am giving myself grace and am committed to putting in the work to get back to the caliber of a healthy lifestyle I want.

Juicing because: THIS.

It’s a reset button. Not a quick fix. While you might lose inches over the duration of the cleanse as your body de-bloats and de-puffs, all of your hard work will go to waste if you don’t follow through with lifestyle changes after. Think how pissed you’ll be if you don’t eat for an entire three days and then go back to right where you started. COMMIT! Write down some follow-up goals for after the three days! For example, establishing a work-out routine. Replacing a normal heavy meal with a salad – even once a week! Packing healthy lunches – whatever it may be, commit to something.

If you live in the Houston area, I highly recommend Revolucion Juice + Coffee. In my opinion, they have the yummiest juice in town. They also serve their juice in glass bottles that you can bring back – you get a one dollar credit on your account for each bottle and you get to help save the planet at the same time! If you’re not in the Houston area, check out your local area for some family-owned joints (support small businesses!) or check out some online companies that will send you juice – Raw Generation, Squeezed, and Pressed Juicery are all great options. (Just make sure to recycle if you can!)

I’m going to go into the do’s and don’t with cleanses – so warning – some of this information is going to be very raw. (hehe get it? But for real…listen up.)

The only 6-pack you’ll need this January!

Typically your cleanse will have six juices per day. Most of the time, it will include five juices and one nut milk. Nut milks are great ways to get calories and protein while you’re on your juice cleanse – because they consist literally of the milk made from nuts, such as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, etc, they are high in calories. Depending on the size, of course, you’re looking at about 500 calories from one nut milk. It sounds like a lot, but when you’re only drinking juice, it’s really necessary. If you are worried about becoming light-headed, or become light-headed during your cleanse, drink your nut milk. You can work out on a juice cleanse (trust.) but if you are doing vigorous cardio/heavy lifting workouts, I might recommend that you get two nut milks instead of one. You can replace one of the other juices, or have it as an addition – personal preference. STAY HYDRATED. After you drink each juice, fill your bottle with water and drink the whole thing. Continue to drink water throughout the day.

My favorite: Vitality – filled with turmeric for inflammation!

That being said, be prepared to pee every hour. Maybe even more. Disclaimer: Juice cleanses are designed to clean everything out, if you know what I mean. Be prepared for that as well. Don’t drink anything with beets in it prior to a meeting or a workout. You’ve been warned. While some of the juices are super yummy, others can be a little harder to get down. If you get nauseated from a certain juice, drink water immediately after, and if you need to, drink a little bit of your nut milk to soothe your stomach. I don’t typically recommend this, but if you absolutely have to, water the juice down if it’s too potent for you. If you are using a local juicer and you cannot stand a certain juice, call them and see if there is an alternative replacement for the remaining days.

Be prepared to miss the feeling of eating – sounds strange, but by the end, I am really just ready to chew on something. I don’t recommend chewing on ice – it’s terrible for your teeth. (Hey, I was a dental hygienist for thirteen years, okay!?) This is a worst-case scenario-on-the-edge-of-quitting situation, but if you feel like you absolutely must eat something, eat organic spinach with no dressing. It’s surprisingly filling.

Hot topic: Coffee or tea on a juice cleanse. Technically, no, you’re not supposed to drink it. Have I? To be transparent, yes. I did, however, cut back to half a cup per day. This one is your call – if you are addicted to caffeine like I am, you can try to give it up for three days, but you might experience headaches if you quit cold-turkey. You must drink it black, with no sugar or cream. 

Some alternative modifications I’ve recommended are not optimal for achieving the best results, but they are much better than quitting! Trust your body. Modify if you know it’s best for you, but stick through it if you can! It will be tough – I’m not even going to lie to you. My Instagram Juice Highlight tracks my day to day progress with real feels – y’all I was craving all the tacos by day two! On day three, I actually went to bed early just so I could wake up and eat.

Above: cacao nut milk; Below: Black Gold – activated charcoal

When do you get back to eating, ease into it – don’t splurge on a big greasy meal, rewarding yourself for not eating for three days. Plan on smalls meals – have a salad for your first meal or two and incorporate meat back in after that. Same thing goes for leading up to a cleanse – don’t have a “Last Supper” type of situation where you binge, trying to get in all the food you can. Maybe lay off the meat for the day before and eat lots of greens. If you are a true carnivore and need meat, I recommend something lighter like chicken – or even fish.

Disclaimer, I am not a professional dietician – I have done extensive research and have my own personal experience to fuel this post. I am always open to science evolving, so if you have information that could be a nice addition or replacement to my information, I would love to look into further to keep my post as updated and healthy for people as I can. Feel free to email me with any information!

Good luck! May the fruits be with you!

Empowered Women Empower Women: Megan Eddings, Founder of Accel Lifestyle

Hello all! I am adding a new segment into my blog entitled “Empowered Women Empower Women,” where I interview a female who I consider to be a total boss, out there empowering everyone in the community. Each interviewee differs from the next and has their own unique story in order to inspire all types of readers. I decided to start this new segment by interviewing a fellow entrepreneur I met through the Houston fitness community. Let me introduce Megan Eddings, Founder + CEO of Accel Lifestyle.

Megan and her husband, Kyle, founded Fitness in the Loop – an organization that keeps fitness junkies up to date with workouts and events going on around town. She wanted to make a difference in the community while sweating in clothes that wouldn’t stink – so she manifested exactly that.

Accel Lifestyle is a clothing line made from Supima®, the world’s finest cotton, and is enhanced with a good dose of powerful anti-stink science that Megan actually developed from scratch. Low on harmful toxins, high on technology, Accel’s silver embedded proprietary Prema fabric naturally inhibits bacteria, without compromising performance or comfort. They are revolutionizing a cleaner planet and creating clothes ethically and sweatshop-free right here in the USA.

More than just fitness apparel, Accel Lifestyle is a movement for positive change. As for me, I constantly learn so much from this inspiring boss babe entrepreneur – check out Megan’s story, solid advice, and thoughts on empowerment below!

Describe an average day in the life of YOU:

As an entrepreneur, there is no such thing as a typical day. Each day is filled with incredible things that happen, challenges for the company (sometimes pretty big ones), and I am usually slaying from my pajamas on the couch (when I am not going to a meeting or getting gussied-up for social media and events).

Megan in LA for the first week of production. Let the sewing begin! IG: @accellifestyle

What is a project you are working on or recently completed that you are super proud of?

Houston has been so amazingly supportive of me and Accel Lifestyle. I love giving back to the city that has been inspiring and kind to me since I moved here 15 years ago, from Rhode Island. The City of Houston recently named May 24, 2019 as “Megan Eddings Day”. We have raised money for wheelchairs for children, money for the Houston Council of the Blind, food for the homeless, etc. and I am immensely appreciative of everyone who has helped with our philanthropic work.

Can you describe any struggles along the way and how you overcame them?

I still cannot believe that Amanda Cotler, Accel’s Director of Operations, and I did this… We had 2 factories in LA for Accel, but one of them was extremely challenging to work with, constantly lying and being very difficult. I made the decision to part ways with them and we knew it would not be easy. We rented a Uhaul in downtown LA (I drove it), blasted some hip-hop and showed up at the factory (unannounced). We walked in and let them know we were parting ways and that we were there to pick up all of our fabric, patterns, trim etc. The owner “flew off the handle” verbally, but Amanda and I kept our cool and left with all of our items. If we can do that, we can do anything!

What does empowerment mean to you?

When I think of the word “empowerment,” I immediately think of the word confidence. It is important to not only be confident, but to inspire others to be as well. It definitely is not always easy to feel empowered, so I often say words of affirmation so I can feel confident and spread this feeling to others around me.

Megan & Kyle at the Supima Harvest Celebration

Who is someone who has empowered or inspired you to get to where you are now?

100% my husband, Kyle Eddings. I was working on Accel Lifestyle for about 8 months, while also doing my medical sales job. It was his idea that I quit my current job to pursue Accel Lifestyle. We both had no idea how long it would take to create Accel, but he believed in me so much that he knew it was time to really pursue my dreams with Accel Lifestyle. I will be forever grateful for his support and love throughout this entire entrepreneurial journey.

How do you continuously find empowerment and inspiration?

I surround myself with very positive, kind, loving and motivating people. I have had to limit my interactions with people who do not embody these characteristics.

Why do you feel it is so important for people to feel empowered?

She ain’t afraid of a little sweat and she ain’t afraid to lift weights!

Empowered people rarely feel “stuck”. They know that there is always something new to try, a community that will support you and the belief that we only have one life…so live it to the fullest.

What are some of your goals for the next few months or years?

Regarding Accel Lifestyle, we will be launching ethical and sustainable sweatshirts for guys and gals soon. We have worldwide goals for Accel Lifestyle and we are excited to share some big announcements in the coming months.

A personal goal is to continue to try to stay present in whatever I am doing. I tend to rush through things, in order to get to the next “thing”. There is beauty and meaning in everything we do, I am constantly reminding myself to stay present in everything.

To Megan: Thank you so much for inspiring us! You are one of the sweetest and most genuine humans I have ever met – your light-heartedness and good energy are both infectious, and I cannot wait to see Accel grow. Inventing something out of nothing else but an idea is truly admirable. PS: I can vouch for Accel – I taught multiple SoulCycle classes wearing my crop…no stink!

Being Thankful For Where You Are

As an Enneagram 7, this actually pains me to say, but life isn’t always perfect. There – I said it. As much as I want to paint a picture of unicorns and rainbows for you and tell you that everything is going to be okay – I won’t do that. Leave out the unicorns and rainbows, and let’s take a moment to talk about when times get tough. I will stick with the final part, however, and tell you that no matter what you are going through right now, everything is going to be okay. Trust me on that one.

You ever just want an “easy” life? Where you find yourself in a never-ending struggle, just wishing to finally catch your break, for something to happen – anything! – that will make your life easier? I think we can all agree that we have been here. It’s human nature to want things to be easy. We feel like the “best version of ourselves” when things are easy – where we can feel happy and thankful for things in life.

Let’s stop wishing for an easy life. Nothing ever grows there. Sure, you could just keep doing exactly what you already know you can do. It’s easy to be a good person and feel super thankful when times are good – when you have more than what you could ever want and things are going your way. And it’s necessary to be thankful during these times – but take a second to think about the last time things weren’t easy. It’s during these times – the struggles – that you truly define yourself and find what you are truly thankful for.

Some of the most defining moments in my life happened when I felt I was at rock-bottom – when things weren’t easy. And honestly, when I wasn’t feeling very thankful in the moment.

I wasn’t thankful earlier in the year, when I left my “dream job” on terrible terms and my long-term plan was flipped upside down, leaving me jobless and worried I wasn’t going to be able to pursue another outlet that gave me fulfillment due to legalities and bullies.

I wasn’t thankful years ago, when I was fighting my soon-to-be ex-husband throughout the divorce process, and the life I had initially envisioned was being broken down to who gets what couch. I was embarrassed and angry at myself for marrying someone I didn’t really know. I was mad I had depended on him so much and was stressed I wasn’t going to be able to take care of myself.

Something new to share with some of you – and every time I share about this, I still feel knots in my stomach – but in 2010, my fiance was killed in Afghanistan. This is something that I will surely expand on when the time is right, but I can tell you I certainly wasn’t thankful to endure losing someone that way or the long grief process that followed.

These moments were filled with stress and worry. Depression and sadness. How could I be thankful? Let me say this – it’s extremely necessary to take time to grieve, whether you are grieving a lost relationship, the death of a loved one, a failed situation, or anything else. We can’t bottle things up and pretend they didn’t happen. We have to allow ourselves to heal.

But here’s my favorite part about the healing process – we always heal into a stronger version of ourselves. We do. And as we heal, this is where we define ourselves. This is where we figure out who we truly are.

In the moment, would I have wished these things on myself? No. Did I ever predict I would be able to handle these struggles? Again, no. But did these tough situations forever change me into a stronger version of myself? Hell yes – and for that, I am thankful.

These struggles – when you’re down and out and you can’t see the end of the road, and you just don’t know how anything is going to pan out, how you’ll make it through – these are tests. Tests that are preparing you for something bigger than you can see. Perhaps they’re preparing you with the strength you’ll provide someone you’ll cross in the future who will go through the same battle as you did. Maybe these tests are forcing you out of complacency because you’ve been designed to change the way things are, not just fall in line. Perhaps these trials are preparing you for your great purpose. What a gift that is.

I never thought I could be so fulfilled in life, nonetheless sharing my journey towards fulfillment and helping guide others to it – had I stayed on the easy path, I wouldn’t have had the platform to empower people to discover their dreams and not stop until they get them.

I never saw people reaching out, saying that my words have helped them through a divorce – where they know it’s not too taboo to talk about, and they know they’re not alone and that they do deserve happiness. Had I taken the easy route, I wouldn’t have been able to talk people through the scary parts of their journey to staying true to themselves.

I never ever saw myself feeling like a widow at the age of 23. That was the hardest part of my entire life, and I still wish it had never happened – but through healing, it has strengthened me to become a leader and be firm in my purpose to help others, where I know I will be able to handle anything that comes my way.

From the darkest bad in life can come the purest good – and for that, I am thankful.

Let’s be thankful for where we are.

Let’s be thankful for what brought us here.

Let’s be thankful for what we have been chosen to do.

Get What You [Think] You Deserve

I had recently quit my job, made a complete 180 into the unknown territory of full-time fitness, and I was wrapping up the final stages of divorce.

I had no idea where my life was about to go. I couldn’t see the whole picture and that scared me. Could I even support myself in this new journey? I doubted myself a lot because I would see others doing what I wanted to do, and I would get intimidated by comparison. Did I actually have any idea what I was doing? Why did people trust me with this?

Even as time went on, I was filled with negative thoughts. I stayed in complacency for far too long because I didn’t know any other way. I guess I’ll date this person – they don’t have everything that I want in a partner, but I don’t see myself meeting anyone who has everything I want, so this person is good enough.  I didn’t try a lot of things because I didn’t think I was good enough. I have to make this job work out! It’s no longer a good fit, but I don’t know who else would want me.

In late 2018, as a result of surrounding myself with people who lifted me up, I unknowingly made a small change that would have a big impact. I started asking myself questions. “Why do you think you can’t get that?” “Well, why do you think that?” I realized I didn’t really have a “why” that was valid – my reasons were fueled from doubt and fear and erroneous ideas that I would tell myself. That changed right then and there – from that point on, I would believe that I deserved my dreams. Want to guess what happened?

Do any of my thoughts sound familiar to you? Do you tell yourself “reasons” why you don’t deserve to get something you want? If you’re like I was, perhaps you don’t even know you are actively giving life to reasons that simply don’t exist. These thoughts trick us – they may seem really little, but in fact, they take a huge toll on us emotionally and mentally. These thoughts are called “stories.” Stories may look something like this:

“They don’t like me.”

“I’m not good enough.” (Or “I’m not [x] enough.”)

“I don’t belong here.”

“I’m not capable of achieving this.”

“Everyone else is so much better than I am.”

“I’m really comfortable where I am.”

“I’m too far gone.”

I’ve caught myself many times in the past making up an entire scenario in my head that didn’t even remotely exist because I was telling myself these little stories over and over. Be very aware of your thoughts. How often do any of these thoughts (or ones like it) cross your mind each day? 

Once you identify the stories you tell yourself, the next step is to identify the triggers that curate these stories. Triggers can look like:

Being in an uncomfortable place with new people.

Working on something that you’re not very good at yet.

Trying something new.

Feeling really far away from success.

Seeing others do something you want to do and comparing yourself.

Being unsure how something is going to pan out.

Sometimes, even just being aware of your triggers can bring you out of these stories your mind makes up. Identify the story you are telling yourself and then pause for a moment to think about what might be triggering it.

Let’s back it up: Imagine a scenario. You meet up with your best friend who is going through a rough patch of unhappiness but doesn’t know what to do. They tell you about a potential solution, but they are nervous to attempt it. What would you tell that friend? More importantly, what would you not tell that friend?

You wouldn’t tell your best friend they aren’t good enough.

You wouldn’t tell them that nobody likes them.

Or that they’re not cut out for this.

Or that they don’t belong.

That they don’t deserve it.

Now, let me ask you this – if you wouldn’t tell those things to your best friend…why are you telling them to yourself? 

We have to love ourselves, y’all! We have to give ourselves some grace and accept (and embrace!) our human-ness. We don’t have all of the answers. And we aren’t the best at everything. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t deserve to get what we want.

You are good enough.

You are capable of this.

You do deserve this.

But you have to believe it. You are not going to get what you deserve. You are going to get what you think you deserve. Once you change your mindset to believe that you deserve your dreams, only then will you begin to see change. Trust me.

What stories do you tell yourself in your mind?

What are some things that trigger you into thinking this way? (When do you find yourself thinking these thoughts?)

What is one thing (or more!) that you truly think you deserve?

What can you do to repeatedly tell yourself this? (Write it on a post-it on the mirror, daily affirmations, etc.)

What are some small steps you are willing to do right now to get closer to what you think you deserve?

Read that last question again – this new mindset comes with responsibility – action must ensue! Once you start believing in yourself and your dreams, you will be put to work. You will be tested.

“We are tested before our manifestations come through to see if we will continue to settle where we’ve settled in the past.”

This is not meant to scare you – it’s meant to ignite you! You’ll see the same exact things that tried to knock you down in the past try to knock you down again – but this time, they won’t get you. You’ll be stronger. Firm in your mindset that you truly believe you will get what you think you deserve.

More Than Just A Birthday Candle

This Friday, I’ll be 33. If you’re like me, birthdays always bring a moment of reflection. I look back on tough decisions, life lessons, what I’ve gained and lost over the last year, and so on – and each time proves another hard learning year was had. This year was different. While I still learned so much, I finally seemed to learn lessons “not the hard way,” if that makes sense. I found myself ahead of things, rather than behind them. I felt alive, rather than forcing things into place. It was a year where I wasn’t coasting – and where I found consciousness.

Last December, I stumbled upon a wonderful human in the most serendipitous way. Unexpectedly becoming my yoga instructor, Jaz ended up becoming my very dear friend as well. As someone who still struggles to touch their toes, I’ve been very aware of how much my body needs to stretch. It wasn’t until this year, however, that I realized how inflexible my mind was.

Jaz and her business partner, Alicia, produce Yoga Evolution TV – a conscious live talk show followed by a yoga flow. I attend monthly to listen to fascinating people talk about different topics, such as meditation, astrology, and self-love. At one particular airing, John Tran (yogi and creator of YOUniverSOUL Fest) enlightened us on the power of manifesting. He explained how important it is for us to share our dreams with others – and how we can actually manifest our dreams into existence.

What is manifesting? Jaz explains it as “tapping into our ability to attract vibrational matches for what we desire or envision.” I like to call it “bringing the dreams from inside our souls out into the physical universe.” How do we do this? By writing our dreams down. By saying them out loud and sharing them with others. By truly believing they will happen. If that seems a little “out there” to you, check this out:

John told us a story about his birthday some years ago spent with family and friends. It was time to blow out the candles on his birthday cake and he had a thought: Why is it that we don’t tell anyone what our birthday wish is? After all, we only get one birthday wish a year – why do we choose to keep it to ourselves? Doesn’t it make much more sense to say it out loud so the people around us (and the universe) can hear it? So on that particular birthday, he chose to say his wish out loud to his family and friends and asked them to share one of their wishes in return.

I was intrigued. Earlier in the year, I started to write down my goals and dreams for the first time ever in my life. I found it strange at first – the things I wrote down actually started to happen! I thought back to this as John was sharing the story of his birthday. I thought to myself – if this has already happened on a small scale, and I didn’t really even know what I was doing, what could happen if I really started manifesting my dreams? If I truly believed in them so much that I could firmly declare to others what I wanted and what I saw for myself in the future? I didn’t know what would happen, but I was down to find out.

I started to declare what I envisioned for myself – I shared it with friends, family, clients, and just about anyone who would listen! The more I said it out loud, the more I would believe in it, and the more things would happen – why I had never said my dreams out loud before?

I took some time to figure out the answer, but it came down to this: Insecurity. Insecure that what I wanted wouldn’t come true. Insecure that people would laugh at me. Insecure that I wasn’t good enough. Insecure because I didn’t know how to actually get what I wanted.

Why was I so concerned about what other people would think of my dreams? After all, they belonged to me! And I had no idea what the future version of myself would look like – what battles I would overcome, what struggles would make me stronger, what people I would meet to lift me up – why was I so worried about the future version of me? Did I not trust myself?

These thoughts made me keep my dreams inside – where doubt, overthinking, and anxiety would eat them alive if left there. I had chosen not to share them (even to myself!) based on an imaginary feeling that my future self might potentially have.

I felt kind of silly once I broke it down to be that simple.

My mind was absolutely blown at how much doubt I had in myself and how it was revealed. That day I made a vow – no more doubt. No more fearing what other people would say. I would tell my dreams to anyone and everyone, and in the depths of my soul, I would believe them to be true. I would manifest them into a reality.

While having dinner last night in Austin, the table next to me was celebrating a birthday. The room filled with life as the group lit the birthday candles and sang to their friend. When he blew the candles out, his friends asked him to tell them his wish. He laughed and refused to tell them. I found myself exclaiming across the room, “No, tell them!” The table looked over and I laughed. “Tell them,” I said again. “Manifest your dream.” This started a fun conversation between strangers. One of their friends yelled out, “The Power of the Spoken Word!” Yes! There is power in speaking your dreams out loud. There is power in truly believing that you can do something. (P.S. Shout out to anyone from Salty Sow last night reading this after I shamelessly plugged this post.)

This Friday, I’ll be 33. I’m going to spend the evening with friends, and I definitely plan on eating some cake – but before I do, I’m going to make a wish and share it with everyone there. They don’t know it yet, but I am going to ask everyone to share one of their own dreams as well. That’s what I want for my birthday! I want all of my friends to realize that they have the power to get everything they want – and that they really believe that power lies inside of them.

What dream have you been keeping inside, unable to tell anyone?

What thoughts cross your mind that talk you out of your dreams?

Can you commit to telling one person your dream? If so, who will you tell?

If that is too much for you, will you commit to telling yourself your dream out loud or writing it down? You’ve got this!

“With one mouth, you can sing so many songs. With four strings, you can play four hundred tunes. So also, one mind can give rise to so many thoughts. Your destiny is based on your character. Character is based on actions. Actions are based on thoughts. Therefore, cultivate morality and sacred thoughts. None can escape the law of action, which is based on the nature of the mind.” (A quote sent to me by my friend Vinod, appropriately timed for today’s post!)

Embracing Uncertainty

I’m sitting here writing this a little delayed in a parking garage of The Domain in Austin. It’s beginning to cool down and my windows are open for a breeze. Outside, the rush-hour traffic slowly rolls by. Two girls are standing nearby discussing their favorite spots in London. If you were to ask me a year ago if I saw myself in this exact moment, the answer would be no. A month ago – no. A week ago – again, no. Hell, 24 hours ago – nope! Life threw me an unseen plot twist – I ended up driving from Houston to Austin last night within an hour of receiving a phone call asking me to help the team by teaching some SoulCycle classes in the neighboring city, beginning this morning at 7AM. I have to laugh when I think of what led to me this exact point – because I saw just about none of it coming but am embracing all of it.

My day didn’t go as originally planned. But remember – we’re not sticking to the plan, we’re sticking with ourselves. Plan A, y’all. We gotta let that go. It’s a constant practice to do so – after all, Plan A is our security blanket. It’s an idea that we cling to when uncertainty finds us. “I have to make Plan A work! It’s familiar and I’m comfortable with it.” “I’ve worked so hard on Plan A, it would be a shame to let that go to waste.” “It seems like a lot of work to divert from Plan A.” 

Or how about this one: “If Plan A doesn’t work out, I don’t know what else I would do,” followed by thoughts of doubt and fear. Why is it that something as simple as a lack of new direction can stunt us from stepping into our purpose? It’s because we cling to original direction because it’s comfortable and gives us a sense of stability. There is a huge misconception out there that the more “direction” we have, the more stability we have. Let me ask you this – what is more stable than your purpose?

It’s not our job to understand everything. This is a human experience that we are a part of – that means we’re going to have to trust a lot more than we’re going to understand – that is, if we’re doing it right.

Think of it this way: You are where are you today (the present) and you have everything that has brought you to this point (the past.) Everything in your mind is extremely finite up until this moment.

Everything that is yet to come (the future) is full of infinite possibilities. We must lose our finite mindsets when thinking about infinite possibilities. Yikes – that sounds uncomfortable. It is – trust me. But it’s so necessary. We subconsciously think about the future and find ourselves in doubt, worry, and anxiety because we are trying to understand everything that is to come – but what basis do we have to understand? Only our past. 

If your brain is hurting trying to digest this, picture this: A caterpillar is meant to be a caterpillar for a short amount of time. One day, being a caterpillar just isn’t good enough anymore so he finds himself in a bit of a struggle, in a dark cocoon having no idea what’s going on. “Where am I?” “How long am I going to be in here?” “What is going to happen next?” This is the scary part – the transformation! A short while later, he emerges as a beautiful butterfly. Talk about an upgrade – not only is he majestic, but now he doesn’t have to crawl anywhere – he can fly! The caterpillar’s purpose was always to be a butterfly. Can you imagine if he would have tried to resist the transformation because he couldn’t see the big picture as a whole?

Lose the need to understand everything and begin to trust yourself. Uncertainty is not a bad thing – it is a good thing! It means you are opening yourself up to growth and opportunity – even if you can’t exactly see what that looks like just yet. It means you are defining your future with your future, instead of with your past.

Believe me, I’ve tried more times to fit a square peg into a round hole, forcing things to work – refusing to let go of a past version of myself that once fit. We need to be aware of the things in our life that “feel forced.” We force our present (and future) selves into our past because it’s familiar. Because it might feel like a failure if we abandon it. Because we’re uncertain what else is out there. But perhaps it’s not the best fit anymore…

The traffic outside is dying down and the two girls talking about London have left. I sit here about to go teach a class in a new city to fifty people I’ve never met. I have no idea what the next few moments of life are going to feel like – and I can’t wait to see what happens.

Think of the next 24 hours of your life. Can you see how everything is going to play out? Now think of the next week. Month. Year. 10 years. How much room are you willing to leave for growth?

What is one thing that you constantly battle with “not knowing?”

Why do you think it’s so hard to trust yourself versus trying to understand everything?

What feels “forced” in your life right now?

What are some small steps you can take to stop forcing these things?

My friend, Alanna, sent me this excerpt on a butterfly as I was about to publish this post – I found it to ironic not to share.

Final thought: “Embrace uncertainty – some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won’t have a title until much later.”

Avoid A Zombie Apocalypse

“Wow, you’re so busy!”

That’s something I hear often from people – they catch my Instagram, see my teaching schedule, or we’ve just exchanged what’s going on in our lives. Take yesterday – I woke up at 5AM, taught four workout classes, engaged in a very productive three hour business meeting, and attended an amazing charity event hosted by Accel Lifestyle benefitting The Rose Houston. I finally sat down at 11:21PM, excited to finally write this piece, because you know what – these days I’m feeling more alive than ever.

There have been many points in the past where I haven’t been “as busy,” but I was simply exhausted, coasting through life, day in and day out, living someone else’s dream. Sound familiar?

This doesn’t necessarily have to refer to your professional situation, it can also relate to societal expectations of you. Personally, I’ve stayed unsatisfied in jobs for years, helping other people build something because I didn’t have a clear vision of what I wanted for myself. I stayed married long after I knew it wasn’t right for me because I didn’t want to upset the dream my husband (and our families) had of us staying in a “picture-perfect happy marriage.” I’ve stayed friends with toxic people because it was easier to just ignore drama than it was to confront it.

It was emotionally and mentally exhausting! I walked around with a wounded soul that I would try to patch with temporary band-aids. My heart was bleeding for something more, but I couldn’t see a different path, so I just kept walking aimlessly down the road I was already on. I was dead inside – I was a zombie.

Have you ever felt like a zombie? Like you’re actually sleeping when you walk around in life? Don’t really care where you’re going, can’t remember how long you’ve been walking. Don’t really see an end to the road, but it doesn’t matter much anyway because you don’t really have any other options. You ever feel exhausted by the end of the day and don’t really know why?

It’s because feeling dead inside drains you. Ironic, isn’t it?

Have you ever been driving somewhere and think, “How the hell did I get here? Did I run that red light? What street did I turn on?” Or maybe you’ve been walking somewhere, zoned out and completely passed where you were going. Ever think you might be living life that way, too?

“Where did the month go?” (Followed by the realization that there’s been no change.)

“Where did the year go?” (Once again…. no change.)

“Have I really been doing this for [x amount of time?]”

“I’m never going to have time to finish this.”

“I’ll start it eventually.”


Fulfillment is a practice and is not meant to happen overnight. It takes serious dedication to figuring out who you are to truly find fulfillment. Today, I’m going to share three simple things you can start right now to begin to discover a little bit more about yourself. Three things, that if continuously practiced, will help you avoid an internal Zombie Apocalypse.

Spend more time doing what feels right. Make tiny changes at first, and eventually you’ll get more comfortable making bigger changes. These small changes can look like:

Saying no to doing something if your body and mind need a break – and not feeling guilty about it.

Signing up for a new hobby you’ve been scared to try.

Forgiving someone or (eek) apologizing to someone.

Surround yourself with good people. So much of our time, thoughts, and energy can be easily wasted on emotional drama with short-sighted people. Think about it – how much time do you spend listening to people complain? How often do you catch yourself complaining to people? Ditch the emotional drama and negative thoughts. Find forward-thinkers. Forward-thinkers will not let you complain – they will help you seek a solution. If you want to envision the big picture, you have to surround yourself with like-minded people who are doing the same things you want to do. These people will:

Not let you drown in a problem, but rather help you find answers. (If you’re dwelling in a problem, they will call you out on it too!)

Build you up and support your dreams, even if they can’t exactly relate to it.

Give you honest and constructive feedback on what they know to be important to you (skill level, personal ethics, overcoming hurdles, etc.)

Practice being present. This is the most important of the three things to do. It will take consistency to really feel present in your own life. Take time each day to really figure out how you feel in a moment. Actually ask yourself, “How do I feel about what I am doing in this moment right now?” If you’re up for it, maybe ask yourself why you feel that way. Use your senses! Look around – what do things look like around you? What does the air smell like? Listen closely for all of the many sounds that get drowned out by the thoughts in our heads. This is an important one: eliminate time suckers. Time suckers can look like:

Endlessly watching TV shows or scrolling through social media.

Doing the same exact thing every day.

Worrying about the future or dwelling on the past. Live in this moment. (You won’t get it back.)

It’s funny – in a past job, every Monday the management team would participate in dramatic three hour meetings that I would absolutely dread. Dread! Three hours dedicated to this every week! It was a time suck and I wasn’t fulfilled spending my time that way.

Now, I’m building a business and sit down to grind it out a few times a week with my partner, and I will catch myself looking at the clock – Holy Hell, how did three hours just fly by?! And how do I feel? ALIVE. And so excited about what I’m doing.

Remember this: If you have been wired internally with a dream, know that you have also been wired with the capability to achieve that dream. Find the things in life that will energize you instead of making you feel like you are dying a slow death every day. (Sorry to be morbid – blame it on the Halloween spirit.) Try these three simple things – and note, “simple” is not to be confused with “easy.” It will take practice and cognizant consistency.

What are some instances where you’ve felt like a zombie, just coasting through life?

What are some small changes you can make to do more of “what feels right” internally?

Who in your life is filled with drama and negativity? What steps need to be taken to reduce this effect on your mindset?

What are some things in your life that you consider to be “time sucks?” What can you do to eliminate them to feel more present?

Happy Halloween. Don’t be a zombie.

Athleisure Me, Please!

In addition to my normal Tuesday Fulfillment pieces, I am going to be adding in a little flair here there about health, fitness – and just about anything! Last week, I asked y’all what you want to read and I got some amazing responses – stay tuned as they roll out! Today’s Lifestyle topic:

What do I prefer to work out in?

90% of my time is spent in athleisure (athletic + leisure wear) and when I find something I like, I tend to buy five of the same thing and always ask the magical question, “Does it come in black?” (Neon black, off black, pastel black…doesn’t matter.) And I’m just gonna say it – I’m a lululemon junkie, 1000% straight-up addicted. Once I tried on my first pair of Aligns, the game was over. (Warning to all the men reading this: try to buy your woman just one thing from lululemon and see what happens. You’ve been warned.)

On any given day, you can find me sporting the Align pants, Energy bra, and some sort of crop top. (And who could forget the secret socks!) However, I have recently been reformed and have completely fallen in love with the Enlite Bra Weave.

As much as I love rocking athleisure on a daily basis, I will admit there is one problem with it, and ladies – I know you can relate: Uniboob. While most sports bras are extremely comfortable, it doesn’t tend to be the most flattering look. That is, until I discovered the lululemon Enlite Bra. I was skeptical at first – I really was! I’m a creature of habit, and didn’t want to try something different.

The wonderful crew at lululemon in the Houston Galleria turned me on to this amazing sports bra that – get this – gives us ladies actually two boobs. Imagine that! Y’all, I’m obsessed. That was the kicker. It’s nice to be able to wear athleisure and still feel like a woman at the same time.

Below are my full notes on how I justify purchasing something. Check it out!

Lululemon Enlite Weave Bra

Support: This is one of the most supportive sports bras I’ve ever owned. There is added Lycra Fibre for shape retention with full-coverage in the front, and the back straps allow for full support. The built-in cups are lightweight and breathable and are engineered to soften bounce. After I took the photos you see in this post, I wore the bra to a SoulCycle class and then to a Zumba class right after and had zero issues with support.

Comfort: A+ for sure! I don’t have to constantly fidget with the bra – it stays in place and doesn’t pinch or pull when I move. There’s no underwire (Praise!) and the built-in underband doesn’t constrict or ride up. I also refuse to buy bras that give me a near-panic attack when struggling to get in and out of them. This bra has two hooks for back closure, which makes it super easy to put on and take off. The sweat-wicking material ensures you’re not walking around in your own sweat after a workout too!

Aesthetics: Truth be told, I was leery about this bra at first, because I thought the pictures online weren’t the most flattering. I will fully admit – I was wrong. Before Enlite, I had never found a sports bra that made it appear as if you were wearing a normal bra. No more uniboob! This bra allows you to wear athleisure but still rock all your curves. It’s one of the most feminine sports bras I’ve ever worn.

Longevity: Athleisure can be a bit of an investment, so the quality has to be there for me to justify buying a product. I have lululemon pants, tops, and bras from years ago that are still in great condition. You do need to treat the clothes with some love – I wash all of my lululemon (and actually all of my clothes) on delicate in cold water and I always hang dry them. Bonus: If you are a fitness professional, you can join their Sweat Collective and receive 25% off!

Ok, men – if you’re still with me, kudos to you for learning about women’s clothing. I promise to include some Lifestyle pieces for y’all too. And ladies – let me know what you think! Check out my Instagram story for a real-time review!

Have an idea that you would like to see me blog about? Drop me a note under the Contact page!