I Got The Juice!

No, for real, I got the juice! Six juices from Revolucion Juice + Coffee are sitting in my refrigerator awaiting my three-day juice cleanse, beginning bright and early tomorrow morning! I’ve done this a few times before, but I am so excited to announce that I have a crew of fitness junkies all doing it with me this time – shoutout to my squad! Y’all are going to kill it, and I believe in every single one of you!

I got the juice!

A little over a year ago, I unsuccessfully attempted my first juice cleanse. I had no idea what I was doing, and I was only doing it to fit into a dress after not being so diligent the weeks leading up to an event. I lasted half a day. So basically, I made a juice for breakfast and called it quits. I didn’t have a proper motive, and I certainly didn’t have proper education. Let me help you with both.

What exactly is a juice cleanse? It’s a designated period of time where you only consume juice – absolutely no food at all. There’s many different options – something from as short as a one-day juice cleanse to as long as a two-week juice cleanse, with the most popular options being three, five, and seven day cleanses.

Why would anyone want to consume nothing but juice for multiple days in a row, you ask? Perhaps you’re finding yourself constantly craving junk food, having trouble sleeping, or feeling a little foggy in the head or tired all the time. A juice cleanse can help! You can immediately fuel your body with the proper nutrition due to quick absorption, detoxify your body, and give your digestion system a chance to heal and repair. The list of benefits goes on and on – read more about them here!

For me, personally, I use it as a reset button. I am super sensitive to inflammatory foods – gluten, dairy, and sugar – and the last six weeks of the holidays have completely wrecked my body, as I fell off the wagon and indulged heavily. I’ve committed to not feel guilty for this, and am taking joy in the amazing memories I made over the last few months – I am giving myself grace and am committed to putting in the work to get back to the caliber of a healthy lifestyle I want.

Juicing because: THIS.

It’s a reset button. Not a quick fix. While you might lose inches over the duration of the cleanse as your body de-bloats and de-puffs, all of your hard work will go to waste if you don’t follow through with lifestyle changes after. Think how pissed you’ll be if you don’t eat for an entire three days and then go back to right where you started. COMMIT! Write down some follow-up goals for after the three days! For example, establishing a work-out routine. Replacing a normal heavy meal with a salad – even once a week! Packing healthy lunches – whatever it may be, commit to something.

If you live in the Houston area, I highly recommend Revolucion Juice + Coffee. In my opinion, they have the yummiest juice in town. They also serve their juice in glass bottles that you can bring back – you get a one dollar credit on your account for each bottle and you get to help save the planet at the same time! If you’re not in the Houston area, check out your local area for some family-owned joints (support small businesses!) or check out some online companies that will send you juice – Raw Generation, Squeezed, and Pressed Juicery are all great options. (Just make sure to recycle if you can!)

I’m going to go into the do’s and don’t with cleanses – so warning – some of this information is going to be very raw. (hehe get it? But for real…listen up.)

The only 6-pack you’ll need this January!

Typically your cleanse will have six juices per day. Most of the time, it will include five juices and one nut milk. Nut milks are great ways to get calories and protein while you’re on your juice cleanse – because they consist literally of the milk made from nuts, such as almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, etc, they are high in calories. Depending on the size, of course, you’re looking at about 500 calories from one nut milk. It sounds like a lot, but when you’re only drinking juice, it’s really necessary. If you are worried about becoming light-headed, or become light-headed during your cleanse, drink your nut milk. You can work out on a juice cleanse (trust.) but if you are doing vigorous cardio/heavy lifting workouts, I might recommend that you get two nut milks instead of one. You can replace one of the other juices, or have it as an addition – personal preference. STAY HYDRATED. After you drink each juice, fill your bottle with water and drink the whole thing. Continue to drink water throughout the day.

My favorite: Vitality – filled with turmeric for inflammation!

That being said, be prepared to pee every hour. Maybe even more. Disclaimer: Juice cleanses are designed to clean everything out, if you know what I mean. Be prepared for that as well. Don’t drink anything with beets in it prior to a meeting or a workout. You’ve been warned. While some of the juices are super yummy, others can be a little harder to get down. If you get nauseated from a certain juice, drink water immediately after, and if you need to, drink a little bit of your nut milk to soothe your stomach. I don’t typically recommend this, but if you absolutely have to, water the juice down if it’s too potent for you. If you are using a local juicer and you cannot stand a certain juice, call them and see if there is an alternative replacement for the remaining days.

Be prepared to miss the feeling of eating – sounds strange, but by the end, I am really just ready to chew on something. I don’t recommend chewing on ice – it’s terrible for your teeth. (Hey, I was a dental hygienist for thirteen years, okay!?) This is a worst-case scenario-on-the-edge-of-quitting situation, but if you feel like you absolutely must eat something, eat organic spinach with no dressing. It’s surprisingly filling.

Hot topic: Coffee or tea on a juice cleanse. Technically, no, you’re not supposed to drink it. Have I? To be transparent, yes. I did, however, cut back to half a cup per day. This one is your call – if you are addicted to caffeine like I am, you can try to give it up for three days, but you might experience headaches if you quit cold-turkey. You must drink it black, with no sugar or cream. 

Some alternative modifications I’ve recommended are not optimal for achieving the best results, but they are much better than quitting! Trust your body. Modify if you know it’s best for you, but stick through it if you can! It will be tough – I’m not even going to lie to you. My Instagram Juice Highlight tracks my day to day progress with real feels – y’all I was craving all the tacos by day two! On day three, I actually went to bed early just so I could wake up and eat.

Above: cacao nut milk; Below: Black Gold – activated charcoal

When do you get back to eating, ease into it – don’t splurge on a big greasy meal, rewarding yourself for not eating for three days. Plan on smalls meals – have a salad for your first meal or two and incorporate meat back in after that. Same thing goes for leading up to a cleanse – don’t have a “Last Supper” type of situation where you binge, trying to get in all the food you can. Maybe lay off the meat for the day before and eat lots of greens. If you are a true carnivore and need meat, I recommend something lighter like chicken – or even fish.

Disclaimer, I am not a professional dietician – I have done extensive research and have my own personal experience to fuel this post. I am always open to science evolving, so if you have information that could be a nice addition or replacement to my information, I would love to look into further to keep my post as updated and healthy for people as I can. Feel free to email me with any information!

Good luck! May the fruits be with you!