Athleisure Me, Please!

In addition to my normal Tuesday Fulfillment pieces, I am going to be adding in a little flair here there about health, fitness – and just about anything! Last week, I asked y’all what you want to read and I got some amazing responses – stay tuned as they roll out! Today’s Lifestyle topic:

What do I prefer to work out in?

90% of my time is spent in athleisure (athletic + leisure wear) and when I find something I like, I tend to buy five of the same thing and always ask the magical question, “Does it come in black?” (Neon black, off black, pastel black…doesn’t matter.) And I’m just gonna say it – I’m a lululemon junkie, 1000% straight-up addicted. Once I tried on my first pair of Aligns, the game was over. (Warning to all the men reading this: try to buy your woman just one thing from lululemon and see what happens. You’ve been warned.)

On any given day, you can find me sporting the Align pants, Energy bra, and some sort of crop top. (And who could forget the secret socks!) However, I have recently been reformed and have completely fallen in love with the Enlite Bra Weave.

As much as I love rocking athleisure on a daily basis, I will admit there is one problem with it, and ladies – I know you can relate: Uniboob. While most sports bras are extremely comfortable, it doesn’t tend to be the most flattering look. That is, until I discovered the lululemon Enlite Bra. I was skeptical at first – I really was! I’m a creature of habit, and didn’t want to try something different.

The wonderful crew at lululemon in the Houston Galleria turned me on to this amazing sports bra that – get this – gives us ladies actually two boobs. Imagine that! Y’all, I’m obsessed. That was the kicker. It’s nice to be able to wear athleisure and still feel like a woman at the same time.

Below are my full notes on how I justify purchasing something. Check it out!

Lululemon Enlite Weave Bra

Support: This is one of the most supportive sports bras I’ve ever owned. There is added Lycra Fibre for shape retention with full-coverage in the front, and the back straps allow for full support. The built-in cups are lightweight and breathable and are engineered to soften bounce. After I took the photos you see in this post, I wore the bra to a SoulCycle class and then to a Zumba class right after and had zero issues with support.

Comfort: A+ for sure! I don’t have to constantly fidget with the bra – it stays in place and doesn’t pinch or pull when I move. There’s no underwire (Praise!) and the built-in underband doesn’t constrict or ride up. I also refuse to buy bras that give me a near-panic attack when struggling to get in and out of them. This bra has two hooks for back closure, which makes it super easy to put on and take off. The sweat-wicking material ensures you’re not walking around in your own sweat after a workout too!

Aesthetics: Truth be told, I was leery about this bra at first, because I thought the pictures online weren’t the most flattering. I will fully admit – I was wrong. Before Enlite, I had never found a sports bra that made it appear as if you were wearing a normal bra. No more uniboob! This bra allows you to wear athleisure but still rock all your curves. It’s one of the most feminine sports bras I’ve ever worn.

Longevity: Athleisure can be a bit of an investment, so the quality has to be there for me to justify buying a product. I have lululemon pants, tops, and bras from years ago that are still in great condition. You do need to treat the clothes with some love – I wash all of my lululemon (and actually all of my clothes) on delicate in cold water and I always hang dry them. Bonus: If you are a fitness professional, you can join their Sweat Collective and receive 25% off!

Ok, men – if you’re still with me, kudos to you for learning about women’s clothing. I promise to include some Lifestyle pieces for y’all too. And ladies – let me know what you think! Check out my Instagram story for a real-time review!

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