To My White Friends.

I’m not racist - my business partner is black. Wow - had it always sounded this brash the countless times this thought had run through my head in the past? Or were the layers of my insensitivity finally beginning to peel back with the recent events in our country regarding the Black Lives Matter Movement? … Continue reading To My White Friends.

Operation: Virtual Dating (During COVID-19)

On a Friday night at the beginning of March, I finally did it. My neighbor came over with some red wine for liquid courage and we signed up for an online dating app. Honestly, I’ve always been a little leery about online dating and the potential risks that could come from talking to people I … Continue reading Operation: Virtual Dating (During COVID-19)

Feed The Good Wolf

So here we are. COVID-19 has struck 2020 with a global pandemic. Counts of the virus rise daily, hospitals have overflowed, and people are not allowed to leave their houses. Some have lost their incomes, businesses, or jobs and everyone has lost their old norms. It’s now Day 17 of quarantine (...or is it? I’ve … Continue reading Feed The Good Wolf

How To Turn An Idea Into A Reality

I was leaving my Lagree studio and heading to meet my business partner, Chichi, for our normal weekly Monday meeting dedicated to our start-up company, which provides networking and consulting services to fitness professionals.  Instead of jumping into “meeting mode”, we decided to get pho for lunch. So I picked her up and off we … Continue reading How To Turn An Idea Into A Reality

I Got The Juice!

No, for real, I got the juice! Six juices from Revolucion Juice + Coffee are sitting in my refrigerator awaiting my three-day juice cleanse, beginning bright and early tomorrow morning! I’ve done this a few times before, but I am so excited to announce that I have a crew of fitness junkies all doing it … Continue reading I Got The Juice!

Empowered Women Empower Women: Megan Eddings, Founder of Accel Lifestyle

Hello all! I am adding a new segment into my blog entitled “Empowered Women Empower Women,” where I interview a female who I consider to be a total boss, out there empowering everyone in the community. Each interviewee differs from the next and has their own unique story in order to inspire all types of … Continue reading Empowered Women Empower Women: Megan Eddings, Founder of Accel Lifestyle

Get What You [Think] You Deserve

I had recently quit my job, made a complete 180 into the unknown territory of full-time fitness, and I was wrapping up the final stages of divorce. I had no idea where my life was about to go. I couldn’t see the whole picture and that scared me. Could I even support myself in this … Continue reading Get What You [Think] You Deserve

More Than Just A Birthday Candle

This Friday, I’ll be 33. If you’re like me, birthdays always bring a moment of reflection. I look back on tough decisions, life lessons, what I’ve gained and lost over the last year, and so on - and each time proves another hard learning year was had. This year was different. While I still learned … Continue reading More Than Just A Birthday Candle

Embracing Uncertainty

I’m sitting here writing this a little delayed in a parking garage of The Domain in Austin. It’s beginning to cool down and my windows are open for a breeze. Outside, the rush-hour traffic slowly rolls by. Two girls are standing nearby discussing their favorite spots in London. If you were to ask me a … Continue reading Embracing Uncertainty